Valrico Community Plan

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Open Houses

Our next public meetings for your Valrico Community Plan are scheduled for:

Saturday August 3, 2024 at the Bloomingdale Public Library 
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Monday August 5, 2024 at the Bloomingdale Public Library
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Wednesday August 7, 2024 – Virtual Meeting
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Register for the Virtual Meeting

Check out the updated “Concept Map” Visit us in August and learn more about this map and the strategies being developed for your Valrico Community Plan

The material gathered from our previous meetings has helped craft a draft community vision, four (4) draft community goals, and a Concept Vision Map which are shown below. Please click on the “Leave a Comment” button to provide feedback.

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During the March meetings we asked participants to provide feedback on a draft vision for Valrico and four goals. Please take a few minutes to lend your voice to the conversation.


View maps of the Valrico area.


On March 1, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners requested staff to initiate the process to create the Valrico Community Plan. 

A Community Plan is intended to be an extension and refinement of the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is general in nature and provides guidance on issues county-wide. A Community Plan is more detailed in nature and intended to provide specific recommendations on issues raised by local stakeholders.

The Plan will be developed in a process that involves the community at each phase and discusses the special and unique characteristics of Valrico. Your participation and feedback will help the Plan examine the issues and opportunities facing the area, provide localized strategies, and portray a shared vision for the future. 

Scope of the Study

  • Create communitywide vision
  • Establish community goals
  • Develop strategies to further goals
  • Create a community concept map

Valrico by the Numbers


Public Engagement


Community Meetings

Meetings will be posted here as they are scheduled.

Upcoming Events


Public Comment

Public comment

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Sign up for email updates on this project and become a Plan Ambassador to help lead the conversation in your community.

Community Plan Ambassadors

Plan Ambassadors are volunteers from the community that are interested in assisting planning staff in activities related to public engagement, particularly with the exercises and discussions that occur during community meetings. They are self-appointed citizens and may represent a broad cross-section of the community.

Plan Ambassadors assist project planners in collecting community feedback that is necessary to the creation of a community plan that:

  • Reflects a broad spectrum of community opinion and perspective;
  • Is derived from community involvement throughout the preparation of the plan – not simply a response after the plan is complete; and
  • Represents – to the greatest extent possible – a consensus among diverse community interests.

Each volunteer is expected to:

  • Actively participate in the process
  • Communicate with their neighbors and/or other interest groups to fully understand community issues and perspectives
  • Freely express their interests and perspectives during the process
  • Provide comment on and review choices among available alternatives

Community Plan Ambassadors may individually represent an identified interest or perspective.

We need your help with collecting community feedback which may include:

  • Attending meetings with your neighbors and community
  • Sharing opportunities to get involved with the community on social media, email, or other forms of communication
  • Explaining planning ideas or concepts to other meeting participants
  • Leading meeting activities and building conversation with participants
  • Being a source of local knowledge for both project planning staff and the public

Meetings and workshops are intended to be inclusive. A quorum is not required for meetings and participation is not limited to Community Plan Ambassadors. All opinions offered in writing, email or otherwise documented in the process will be included in the public record and considered during the formulation and review of the Community Plan.

Planning Commission staff are responsible for the documentation of the proceedings of public meetings. Presentations and other meeting materials are uploaded to the community planning project page after meetings occur. If Plan Ambassadors would like to submit materials (such as notes or photos) to the public record they may do so by submitting any materials to Planning Commission staff.  Such materials will become part of a public record of the project.


Phase 1

  • Existing Conditions
  • Spring – Summer 2023
  • Ongoing

Phase 2

  • Public Outreach
  • Spring – Winter 2023
  • Ongoing

Phase 3

  • Draft Plan and Policy Recommendations
  • Fall 2023 – Spring 2024
  • Upcoming

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This study was requested by the Board of County Commissioners to create the Valrico Community Plan. 

A: Valrico’s Community Plan boundary is being created through this process. The boundary used in the current maps has historically been used to study the “Valrico Area.”

A: Being “in” a Community Plan means feedback about the area you live in is being represented in a document (the plan). The Community Plan represents the vision and goals the people of a specific area have for where they live. The boundary of the plan is created for generating and understanding this feedback from the area. The goals and strategies in the plan represent what the community wants to prioritize for the future. Being “in” a Community Plan does not affect your school district, mailing address/ zip code, or tax information.

A: Your mailing address is designated by the U.S. Postal Service and may not necessarily align with local government boundaries or the boundaries of the community plan. You can look up more information about your zip code here:

A community plan boundary is established and utilized by the plan itself. It does not change your school district, fire department, or other similar utilities and services.

A: Please see the map section. The boundaries of the proposed Community Plan will change with public input.

A: This study will result in the creation of the Valrico Community Plan. The Plan will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration and potentially result in amendments to the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan and/or Land Development Code. Any final policy changes are at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners.

A: It is anticipated that the Plan will be completed in 2024.

A: No. This study does not seek to purchase private property nor is this a study for the use of eminent domain.

A:  Get updates on this project by signing up for email updates. You can also sign up to be a Plan Ambassador to help lead the conversation in your community.

A:  Plan Ambassadors are volunteers from the community that help communicate and promote the Plan and develop exercises and discussions that occur during public meetings. Plan Ambassadors are expected to actively participate in the process, attend and lead meeting activities and build conversation with participants, and be a source of local knowledge for both project planning staff and the public. If you are interested in volunteering, sign up to be a Plan Ambassador to help lead the conversation in your community! More information on the Plan Ambassador role is listed under the Public Engagement section of this page.


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