The Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), formerly the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), is a transportation policy-making board mandated by federal and state law. The Hillsborough TPO is directly responsible for making sure federal and state dollars spent on existing and future transportation projects and programs are based on a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process. Committed to meaningful public engagement throughout this process, the TPO is responsible for establishing priorities to meet short-term (next 5 years) and long-term (20+ years) multi-modal transportation needs for Tampa, Temple Terrace, Plant City and unincorporated Hillsborough County.

The TPO Board and Committees are guided by a set of by-laws and are certified by the federal government every four years.

For more information on who the TPO is and what it does, see the Joy of Looking Ahead to 2035 – Citizen’s Guide to Transportation Planning, or view FDOT’s Citizens Transportation Academy video on metropolitan planning with Hillsborough TPO Director Beth Alden.

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Policy Committee

The TPO Policy Committee was created in 1992 as a subcommittee of the full TPO Board. Its membership is made up of TPO Board Members. Originally called the “ISTEA Subcommittee,” its purpose was to provide the Board an opportunity to learn about and discuss the Federal Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). Since 1992, the committee has changed its name to the TPO Policy Committee to better reflect its widened scope of discussion on various issues. The Policy Committee acts as a sounding board for issues that will be brought to the TPO Board for action. In a less formal setting, members can ask questions and more fully discuss upcoming TPO action items. The Committee also provides guidance to the TPO staff on policy matters.

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC consists of citizen volunteers appointed by each of the TPO Board members, plus one citizen representing the Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board and at-large seats designated for individuals of Hispanic and African American descent, a person under age 30, a woman, and representatives of neighborhoods and the business community. Many of the CAC members are active in homeowners, business, or other civic associations. Anyone is welcome to attend, and Hillsborough County residents interested in serving on the CAC are encouraged to apply for membership.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The TAC is composed of technically qualified representatives employed by, or associated with, a public or semi-public agency for the purpose of planning, programming and/or engineering of the transportation system within the Hillsborough TPO area boundary. It is responsible for assisting in the development of transportation planning work programs; for coordinating transportation planning and programming; for review of all transportation studies, reports, plans and/or programs, and making recommendations to the TPO, based upon the technical sufficiency, accuracy, and completeness of transportation related studies, plans and/or programs.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

The BPAC’s mission is to make Hillsborough County a safer and more pleasurable place to bicycle and walk. The committee makes recommendations to the TPO on bicycle and pedestrian-related issues. Twenty volunteers comprise the BPAC. Twelve seats are held by at-large members (citizens) who are appointed by the TPO. The remaining eight seats are held by representatives of local agencies, cities and county. Volunteers are encouraged to participate on the BPAC and any of its subcommittees.

Livable Roadways Committee (LRC)

The LRC is an interdisciplinary group of volunteers from the public and private sectors who represent local governments, government agencies, companies, citizen groups and professional organizations. The committee strives to create a transportation system that balances design and aesthetics with issues of roadway safety and function. It reviews transportation and roadway plans and policies, making recommendations for improvement. The committee discusses topics related to transit, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and roadway design, safety and function. Focused on streetscape beautification, site and building design, landscape, environmental protection, preservation and signage, the committee is committed to considering all modes of transportation in the recommendations it makes.

Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (TDCB)

Chaired by a TPO member, the Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board is composed of 18 members representing agencies and boards, citizens and a representative from the private transportation industry. A sampling of the agencies represented includes Blind Services, Children and Families, Elder Affairs, public schools and Veteran’s Affairs, among others. The TDCB guides and coordinates local transportation services with the goal of improving quality of life for the elderly, those who have physical or mental disabilities, children at risk, and the economically disadvantaged.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee (ITS)

The ITS Committee is composed of technically qualified representatives of agencies involved in the planning, programming, engineering and/or implementation of intelligent transportation systems projects in Hillsborough County. The ITS Committee is responsible for assisting in the development of ITS planning work programs, as well as reviewing related studies, reports, plans, projects (including consistency with regional architecture and other standards and/or programs) and making recommendations to the TPO and/or other agencies. The ITS Committee recommendations to the TPO are based upon the technical sufficiency, accuracy, and completeness of studies, plans and/or programs.

Tampa Bay Transportation Management Area Leadership Group (TMA)

There is a role for a TMA-focused group, not currently performed by any existing transportation organization. That role includes developing regional consensus priorities for the TMA, especially in the allocation of federal & state funds. The group will focus on major cross-county transportation markets and traffic movements, and on helping the Tampa Bay metropolitan area speak with one voice in discussions of regional transportation prioritization issues and financial resources.

First-year tasks will include developing TMA priorities and at least one project that demonstrates that the Leadership Group can effect change. Potential candidates for an initial project include managed lanes with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along a major tri-county spine.

The Leadership will comprise three members of each Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) board as voting members, and non-voting advisors from FDOT and TBARTA. The staff support group will comprise staff of these agencies and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, the latter as needed.

The TMA Leadership Group acts in an advisory role to each of the three MPOs. Leadership members will be responsible for conveying concerns of their respective MPOs to the TMA group, and for conveying TMA group discussion and recommendations back to the MPOs.

This group’s work will be staffed jointly by the staff of the three MPOs. Meeting locations and conference calls will be arranged by the Hillsborough MPO, and agenda packets will be distributed by the Pinellas MPO. Public notice for meetings will be provided by all three MPOs according to their typical procedures.

Please note that members change frequently. Please check with the MPO Administrative Assistant Cheryl Wilkening at 813/272-5940 to verify current MPO or committee members.

Transportation Planning Organization BoardRepresenting / Appointed By
CommissionerHarryCohenHillsborough County
CommissionerPatKempHillsborough County
CEOJoeLopanoAviation Authority
CouncilmanGuidoManiscalcoTampa City Council
Vice ChairMayorAndrewRossCity of Temple Terrace
CEOAdeleeLeGrandHART Board of Directors
CouncilmanJosephCitroTampa City Council
CouncilmemberLynnHurtakCity of Tampa Mayor
CommissionerMichaelOwenHillsborough County
ChairCommissionerGwenMyersHillsborough County
MayorNateKiltonPlant City
CEOGregSlaterTampa - Hillsborough Expressway Authority
CEOPaulAndersonPort Tampa Bay
HemantSariaPlanning Commission
CommissionerJoshuaWostalHillsborough County
Ms.JessicaVaughnHillsborough County School Board
Policy CommitteeRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairCommissionerPatKempHillsborough County
Vice ChairCouncilmanGuidoManiscalcoCity of Tampa
CommissionerHarryCohenHillsborough County
CommissionerMariellaSmithHillsborough County
AlternateMr.PaulAndersonPort Tampa Bay
AlternateCommissionerGwenMyersHillsborough County
Tampa Bay Transportation Management Area Leadership GroupRepresenting/Appointed By
Hillsborough MPO Rep.CommissionerKimberlyOvermanHillsborough County
Hillsborough MPO Rep.CommissionerPatKempHillsborough County
Hillsborough MPO Rep.CouncilmanJosephCitroCity of Tampa
Alternate Rep.Mr.JoeLopanoAviation Authority
Alternate Rep.Mr.PaulAndersonPort Tampa Bay
Citizens Advisory CommitteeRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairMr.BillRobertsHillsborough County Aviation Authority
Vice ChairMr.RickFernandezAt-large: Hispanic
Member at LargeMr.StevenHollenkampPlant City Commission
vacantCommissioner Wostal
Ms.CarolynBrownCommissioner Myers
Mr.Hoyt L.Prindle, IIICommissioner Kemp
vacantCommissioner Owen
Ms.MeazaStewartCommissioner Cohen
Mrs.AiahYassinTemple Terrace City Council
Ms.NicoleRiceCouncilman Maniscalco
VacantCity of Tampa Coucilmember Hurtak
Ms.ChristineAcostaCouncilman Citro
Mr.ArtieFryerTransportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Bd.
Mr.DonSkelton, Jr.Port Tampa Bay
Mr.EdMierzejewskiTampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority
VacantAt-Large: Age <30
VacantAt-Large: Neighborhoods
Ms.SharonGaumondAt-large Business
Mr.TerranceTrottAt-Large: African American
VacantAt-Large: Women
Mr.DrewNewmanPlanning Commission
Mr.JoshuaFrankSchool Board Member Vaughn
Technical Advisory CommitteeRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairMr.JeffSimsEnvironmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County
Vice ChairMr.BobCampbellHillsborough County
Member at LargeMs.JenniferMalonePlanning Commission
Mr.BrianMcCarthyCity of Temple Terrace
Mr.JonathanScottCity of Tampa
VACANTTampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority
Mr.MichaelEnglishTampa Historic Streetcar, Inc.
Mr.RobertFreyTampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority
Ms.LauraLienhartPort Tampa Bay
VACANTFlorida Trucking Association
Ms.GinaEvansHillsborough County Aviation Authority
Mr.MikeWilliamsHillsborough County
Mr.RobWassumCity of Plant City
Ms.LaraBouckCity of Tampa
Mr.JayCollinsPlanning Commission
VACANTTampa Bay Regional Planning Council
VACANTFlorida Department of Environmental Protection
Ms.NicoleSuttonFlorida Department of Health - Hillsborough
Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory CommitteeRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairMr.JonathanForbesCitizens At-Large
Vice ChairMr.JimShirkCitizens At-Large
Ms.KatrinaCorcoranPlanning Commission
Mr.PeterDavittCitizens At-Large
Mr.TimHorstCitizens at Large
Mr.DavidCellittiCitizens At-Large
Mr.JohnKubickiCitizens At-Large
Mr.JoshBlackmanPlant City
Mr.JohnMarshCity of Tampa Public Works/Transportation
Ms.FayeMillerCitizens At-Large
Ms.ChedelineApollonDepartment of Health
Ms.JamieMorrisCity of Temple Terrace
Ms.KarlaPriceCity of Tampa Parks & Recreation Dept.
Mr.ChristopherFellerhoffHillsborough County Public Works Dept.
Mr.DavidAylesworthCitizens At-Large
Mr.MartinSantiagoCitizens At-Large
Ms.VictoriaKlugCitizens At-Large
Ms.AbigailFloresHillsborough County Public Works Dept.
Ms.SallyThompsonCitizens At-Large
Ms.KellyFearonCity of Tampa Transportation
Cpl.SavanaVidalHillsborough County Sheriff
Ms.WandaVinsonCitizens At-Large
Livable Roadways CommitteeRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairMr.JosephCitroCity of Tampa Councilmember
Vice ChairMr.DavidHeyHillsborough County City-County Planning Commission
Mr.CalvinHardieCity of Tampa Transportation Division
Ms. EmilyHinsdaleAdvocate for Livable Communites 
Ms.JulieHamCity of Plant City
Mr.LarryJosephsonHillsborough County Public Works Department
Mr.MatthewLewisHillsborough County Development Services
Mr.Tony MonkCity of Tampa Parks and Recreation
Ms.KarenKressTampa Downtown Partnership
VACANTCity of Temple Terrace
Mr.OmarAlvaradoHillsborough Area Regional Transit
Mr.AnnaQuiñonesTampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority
JasonJackmanUniversity of South Florida
Mr.RaymondMensahNew North Transportation Alliance
Mr.ArizonaJenkinsAmericans with Disabilities
Member at LargeMs.CatherineCoyleUrban Land Institute* (4)
Ms.MelissaCollazzoAmerican Institute of Architects* (5)
Ms.ChristineCrespo ValentinAmerican Society of Landscape Architects* (3)
Mr.CarlosRamirezInstitute of Transportation Engineers* (1)
VACANTAmerican Planning Association*(2)
Mr.GusIngasTransit Users
Mr.KevinO'HareWestshore Alliance
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating BoardRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairCommissionerGwenMyersElected Official
Vice ChairMs.GloriaMillsCitizen Advocate/User of the System
Mr.GlennBrownChildren at Risk
Ms.DebraNoelAgency for Person w/Disabilitieis
Mr.ArtieFryerCitizen Advocate
Mr.DavidNewellFlorida Dept. of Transportation
Ms.EmilyHughartFlorida Agency for Health Care Administration
Ms.KristinaMellingFlorida Dept. of Elder Affairs
MsBethPasekFlorida Dept. of Children & Families
Mr.MarkHarshbargerFlorida Dept. of Education/Div. of Blind Services
Ms.NancyCastellanoLocal for-profit Transportation
Dr.LesleneGordonLocal Medical Providers
Ms.AlexciaWigginsHillsborough County Public Schools
CouncilmanGilSchislerLocal Transit System Board Chair HART
Member at LargeMs.KristenThomasLocal Veterans
Ms.IndihraChambersRegional Workforce Development Board
Mr.JohnVargasPerson with a Disability/User
Intelligent Transportation CommitteeRepresenting/Appointed By
ChairMs.MargaretKubilinsCity of Tampa
Vice ChairMr.BrianGentryHillsborough County
Mr.BrianMcCarthyCity of Temple Terrace
Mr.FredBaxterCity of Plant City
Mr.AchilleasKourtellisCUTR, USF

The Hillsborough County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is a transportation policy-making board comprised of representatives from local governments and transportation agencies. According to federal and state laws, the Hillsborough County TPO is responsible for establishing a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process for Hillsborough County.

Key responsibilities include the creation of:

As well as reviewing and commenting on plans such as:

The Hillsborough County TPO maintains agreements with each of its member governments and agencies through an Interlocal Agreement. These include the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, Plant City, as well as Hillsborough County, the Tampa Port Authority, Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority and HART. In addition, the TPO has a staff services agreement with the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission. The TPO will continue to maintain this and the following agreements with the agencies involved with transportation planning in Hillsborough County.

TPO Agreements

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