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We are committed to meaningful public engagement throughout the planning process. Early and active participation means greater influence over how millions of public dollars get spent in our communities. This is your opportunity to invest in the future of the Tampa Bay region, your hometown right down to your own neighborhood.

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Web & Social Media Purpose & Guidelines

Information and conversation – Please be aware that our web and social media sites are created as alternative ways to provide convenient access to relevant planning information, to boost awareness of upcoming public meetings or events and planning products, and for you to be able to easily share this information and/or express your feedback and ideas. In accordance with the Sunshine Law, these sites are not intended for board members or their committee members to discuss topics on which they may be asked to vote in the future. These sites are intended to better serve you.

Fair and square – Shared posts, external links and articles of interest from other sources are provided for informational and educational purposes without any endorsement or profit to this agency or those employed within.

Respect and courtesy –  A good conversation requires consideration for each other. So, please be polite and treat everyone who you refer to with respect, including elected and appointed officials, our partner agencies and staff, and other members of the public. We won’t tolerate attacks, and we’ll definitely remove any content that advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, or hatred.

Constructive and creative – We can’t change the past, but, together, we can build a thriving future. We warmly welcome your ideas and feedback, especially when focused on improving the economic opportunities and quality of life in our region.

Subject to change – As social media and web technologies are fast-evolving, this policy statement is subject to amendment or modification at any time to ensure its continued use is consistent with its intended purpose. Questions or concerns regarding their use or this policy should be addressed to the agency’s public relations strategist at

Everyone is invited – We are here to serve our entire community and do not discriminate. All public engagement, including meetings, services and programs, as well as web and social media opportunities, are executed without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or family status. If you feel you are unable to participate or access information in any way, shape or form, please contact our public engagement specialist via email at or call 813/547-3342. We will make every effort to assure you are as involved in the planning process as you would like to be.

For the record –  You must remember that as a government agency, we are subject to public record laws of the state of Florida. Though we are not responsible for any material posted by other participants, any comments received by us – whether in person or via mail, email, web site, social media (facebook, twitter, YouTube, Vimeo) become a public record and will be maintained in accordance with state and federal public records laws.

Better safe than sorry – We review all comments and reserve the right to remove inappropriate messages posted on any web-based media. So…

Keep it clean – All posts will be free of profanity and obscenity. We want everyone to feel comfortable reading or participating in the conversation.

Don’t misinform or mislead – We will remove any comments that make obviously false or unsubstantiated allegations.

No sales and marketing – This isn’t the place to market your business or sell your services.

Spam-free zone – We welcome all legitimate comments, but we don’t want anyone to overwhelm the conversation by hammering repeat messages or dragging topics completely off-course.

Don’t break the law – 
Illegal content or behavior is not allowed. Don’t link or post any copyrighted or pornographic material, and don’t engage in behaviors like harassment, impersonation, intimidation, or abuse.