Vision Zero Streets Study

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The Vision Zero Streets Study is for two Hillsborough County-owned streets, which are part of the High Injury Network (HIN) and located within the limits of the City of Tampa. The Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) conducted a study to increase safety and placemaking.

Consistent with our commitment to the principles of Vision Zero (one death is too many) and equity, the project team members (City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, and Hillsborough TPO staff), selected the following streets:

1.         Waters Avenue – Armenia Avenue to Florida Avenue (1.5 Miles)

2.         Sligh Avenue – Armenia Avenue to Nebraska Avenue (2 miles)

Purpose of the Study

  • The study aims to spot the patterns and factors behind severe crashes and those unfortunate fatal ones.
  • It’s not just about safety – it’s also about making a sense of place.
  • Recommending best practices to reduce the risks of crashes in the future.

Fix It Ideas

After Existing Conditions (including Crash Analysis and Field Review) plus Community Engagement, “fix it ideas” recommendations were be developed using Hillsborough County’s 3-Tier system. Tier 1 (aka “quick build”) solutions are intended to increase safety in the short term until more mid and long-term safety (Tier 2 and 3) solutions can be funded.

Throughout, the study considers: 

  • Complete Streets solutions that accommodate all users, regardless of mode, age, or ability, to provide comfortable access and mobility. (e.g. Hillsborough County Complete Streets Guide)
  • Safety countermeasures and speed management recommendations (e.g. City of Tampa Vision Zero)
  • Concepts for general placemaking alternatives along and/or adjacent to the study corridors.
  • Multimodal connectivity through the corridors and identify important cross-street connections.
  • Where appropriate and viable, non-traditional solutions will be reviewed and evaluated, including, innovative intersection treatments, and roundabouts.

These ideas were presented at our second Vision Zero Meeting on October 10. Community members also shared their valuable feedback and suggestions regarding these concepts. Thank you to all who participated, your input is vital to making our community safer!

Vision Zero Streets Study Presentation – October 10, 2023

Waters Ave field visit, road with bus and cars

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