Planning Commission User Fee Study



In 2023, Planning Commission staff joined forces with MGT of America Consulting and reviewed the various fees associated with services it provides to customers. The last fee study performed by the Planning Commission was approximately four years ago and focused solely on services provided to Unincorporated Hillsborough County. Not surprisingly, given the current economic environment and the rise in costs associated with both employee and non-employee expenditures, current prices do not recover the costs of providing its services. This leaves the County’s general fund to subsidize the services provided to customers.

It is anticipated that the Planning Commission will consider a recommendation to City Councils for an increase in their fees at the Planning Commission’s December 11 meeting.

Scope of the Study

The objectives of this planning fee study are to:

 -Develop a methodology to estimate the total cost of providing certain user fee services to customers.
 -Identify the cost of each billed fee service for comparison to current prices.
 -Provide recommendations on the appropriate cost recovery for the services studied.
 -Compare current and recommended fees with similar Florida jurisdictions to obtain additional market research.

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Plan and Study Fees Final Report