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October 13, 2023

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November 1, 2023

The TPO Board Meeting in October marked a momentous occasion, filled with exciting changes and significant achievements. Following the public comment, the Board approved the new committee appointments. The Board then delved into crucial agenda items that will shape the region’s transportation landscape for years to come.

A pivotal moment during the meeting was the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) following the acceptance of edits recommended by Pasco County. This MOU, a historic development, signifies a collaborative effort to explore the possibility of merging the three MPOs. The decision to investigate this merger was rooted in the collective vision of enhancing regional coordination and planning efficiency. A vital role in this was the MPO Merger Survey that was used to gather valuable input from the community.

Additionally, the MOU approval was intricately connected to the Board’s decision regarding the Apportionment Plan. Considering the discussions about potentially creating a tri-county governing body, the Board opted to maintain the existing voting membership structure in the Apportionment Plan. The Apportionment Plan’s approval underscores the TPO’s dedication to fair and equitable representation, ensuring that the region’s diverse voices are heard and considered in the decision-making processes.

During the meeting, the Board also approved the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan (EVIP), marking a significant milestone as the TPO’s first-ever approval of such a comprehensive strategy. This move signals a progressive leap toward sustainable transportation, aligning with the organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship and reduced carbon emissions.

Moreover, the Board actively engaged with the 2050 Revenues Forecast, providing valuable feedback on the initial concepts and proposals outlined in the forecast. The collaborative effort between the Board and the TPO Staff facilitated discussions about Cost Feasible Scenarios, gathering insights through a survey. Board members highlighted issues such as underfunded systems within Hillsborough County, including HART, and advocated for a shift in focus to prioritize people and goods over vehicular concerns.

In summary, the TPO Board Meeting in October marked a transformative period, showcasing the organization’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable transportation solutions.