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June 26, 2023

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June 27, 2023

The Public Hearing began with the Board receiving a report on the updated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for FY24 – FY28. In addition to advance comments received, 13 members of the public spoke in person and virtually. Comments on express lane tolling, financing public transit, bike/ped improvements, road expansion, and other topics were considered by the Board before a robust discussion among Board members. TPO staff and FDOT District 7 representatives addressed questions and issues raised by the Board, before the motion to approve the TIP as presented was passed with one dissenting vote from School Board Member Vaughn.

The TPO Board entertained one action item during the general meeting – the results of the Board member reviews of the Executive Director position candidates. Four candidates emerged from the responses of the TPO Board and were recommended to advance as semi-finalists. The Board voted unanimously to advance the four candidates.

Hillsborough TPO Board meeting recordings may be viewed at: Transportation Planning Organization – YouTube