Wimauma Village Plan

Established in 2007, the Wimauma Village Community Plan was updated in 2021. The update resulted in the adoption of design standards to create harmonious neighborhoods in the Wimauma Village Residential-2 (WVR-2) land use, support redevelopment in Wimauma’s Downtown District, and re-prioritization of the community’s goals.


  • Enhance Wimauma’s public realm and improve infrastructure.
  • Education – provide educational opportunities for all.
  • Revitalize the downtown by implementing the Wimauma Downtown Plan and overlay.
  • Business and economic development – provide opportunities for growth and jobs.
  • Encourage affordable housing and neighborhoods to accommodate a diverse population.
  • Multi-modal transportation and connectivity – promote a balanced network that reflects the community’s character.
  • Parks, recreation, and conservation – protect and enhance Wimauma’s natural environment.
  • Health, wellness, and safety – create a safer environment for the Wimauma Community.
  • Implement the new Community Benefits incentive within the Wimauma Village Residential-2 (WVR-2) land use area.
Wimauma Village Plan map with downtown highlighted