HART Fixed Guideway 5309/5337 & Fowler Ave from 51st St to Riverhills Dr

The TPO Board will consider amending the Transportation Improvement Program at their February 14, 2024 meeting for the following two projects.

TECO streetcar
  1. HART Fixed Guideway FTA Section 5309/5337 (FPN 415172-1). This project will receive an annual allocation of $750,000 of FTA Section 5309/5337 funds used to support the rebuilding of five streetcars.
  2. Fowler Ave from 51st St to Riverhills Dr (FPN 446270-1). This project changes the termini from Bruce B Downs to 51st St. and reduce construction funding by $5,000. This is a resurfacing project that also includes signalization, signage, pavement markings, safety, and drainage improvements.