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January 12, 2024

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January 12, 2024

The wheels are turning behind the scenes to make our county’s transportation smoother and more efficient. Buckle up as we take you on a quick ride through the latest developments in the 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Goods Movement Needs Assessment. 

Picture this –a countywide effort to ensure continued economic prosperity, enhance how goods are delivered to critical markets without a hitch. As part of the 2050 LRTP, an in-depth analysis of freight operation efficiency needs was undertaken alongside the Hillsborough County Truck Route Plan update. This isn’t just a short-term fix; it’s a 25-year investment framework to improve our roads for everyone. 

At the beginning of this analysis, our roads were dissected into three separate networks. The goal? To identify any underperforming truck routes or other roads that could be added to the truck route network based on their truck traffic volume and role in supporting freight activity, both now and in the future. 

A survey was launched on the MetroQuest online platform, linked to the Hillsborough TPO 2050 LRTP website, to hear from you – the people who know these roads best. In just one month, 742 participants provided invaluable insights. The top concerns included traffic congestion, safety, and road damage/ infrastructure maintenance – issues that hit close to home for many. Some roads faced more challenges than others, like Lithia Pinecrest Road, Gunn Highway, and US 301. Identifying these pain points is the first step toward making targeted improvements. 

Looking forward, we’re gearing up to adopt an updated map and ordinance for the Hillsborough County Truck Route Plan. This means ongoing coordination with trucking associations, freight operators, and law enforcement to keep everyone in the loop about current ordinances and potential modifications. For the short term, a revised map and ordinance will go to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) soon. Minor tweaks will include new roads like the Selmon/I-4 Connector. But that’s not all – additional roadways and areas identified for further study will undergo technical evaluation and public outreach. 

The 2050 LRTP Freight and Goods Movement Needs Assessment isn’t just a one-time thing. It’s a crucial document feeding information into the development of the 2050 LRTP, set to be adopted in Fall 2024. This is a roadmap for the future of transportation in Hillsborough County, and your input will help steer us in the right direction. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll towards a more efficient and connected Hillsborough County!  Watch for the Access 2050 survey. It’s coming soon!