TIP Roll Forward and Water Works Park Sidewalk Gap Amendments

TIP road map

Every year in July, FDOT District 7 begins developing its Five-Year Work Program. Following an extensive review process, the Work Program is adopted in July of the following year and a summary “snapshot” of projects listed in the Work Program is provided to the TPO in April. This “snapshot” includes a list of funded projects which are required to appear in the TPO’s TIP.

When the new TIP and Work Program are adopted in June and July, respectively, there are often projects in the previous TIP which had funding programmed but the work was not completed due to delays or a host of other reasons. The programmed funds must then be “rolled forward” into the next TIP so that the work can be completed. The TIP must therefore be amended to include those delayed projects and so that the funding amounts match the Work Program.

This year’s Roll Forward Amendment will impact three approved projects, noted below:

  • 436489-1, Resurfacing of Kennedy Blvd from S Woodlynne Ave to Brevard Ave
  • 452381-1, I-4 Eastbound Weigh Station Truck Parking
  • 452381-2, I-4 Westbound Weigh Station Truck Parking

A second TIP Amendment is also being requested to accelerate design of the following project, noted below:

  • 452877-1 Water Works Park Sidewalk Gaps
    The Water Works Park sidewalk gap project will enhance multimodal connectivity by eliminating key sidewalk gaps within the Tampa Heights district along I-275 near Water Works Park. This includes prioritizing a direct wide sidewalk connection from Tampa Street to Doyle Carlton Drive adjacent to the barrier-separated I-275 frontage road and potentially adding a sidewalk on the east side of Doyle Carlton from south of I-275 to the main entrance of the Water Works Park.

Comparative Report


Water Works Park Sidewalk Gaps Project Factsheet