Westshore Mobility Strategy (2007)

slider-westshore-mobility-strategyTransportation improvements are critical within the Westshore Business District. As growth continues to increase with the introduction of new development to the area, issues related to mobility need to be addressed. As such, the development of a plan will work to foster a viable transportation system to support the anticipated area wide growth. The Westshore Mobility Strategy Action Plan, prepared by the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization  (MPO) in partnership with the Westshore Alliance, will serve as the transportation vision for the Westshore Business  district.

 The intent of this plan is to provide a framework for future transportation and land use decisions in order to  achieve a safe, balanced, and accessible multimodal transportation network. The Westshore Mobility Strategy Action Plan expands upon the Westshore Area Pedestrian System Plan completed in March 2005. While the Pedestrian System Plan recommended various improvements to strengthen the pedestrian network, the Westshore Mobility Strategy Action Plan focuses on multimodal (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and automobile) enhancements. The primary objective of the Westshore Mobility Strategy Action Plan is to provide a set of phased strategies that focus and prioritize investments on those corridors and areas throughout Westshore where transportation improvements have been identified. Each presented action plan strategy is designed to address the mobility needs of Westshore area employees, residents, and visitors. These strategies were developed based on the findings from the existing conditions inventory analysis that was conducted as part of the study effort, and the results collected from the study’s on-line survey.

It is anticipated that the strategies and improvements presented within the Westshore Mobility Strategy Action Plan will be integrated into the regional transportation plan to be prepared by the established Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA).

Westshore Mobility Strategy Existing Conditons Report

Westshore Mobility Strategy Action Plan

Westshore Mobility Strategy Survey Results