Westshore Multimodal Center Location Study (2012)

slider-westshore-intermodal-study-renderingThe study for the Westshore Multimodal Location Study is a collaborative effort of the Hillsborough County, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Florida Department of Transportation District 7, (FDOT), the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA), the City of Tampa, and the Westshore Alliance. Representatives from each of these organizations serve on a management team that has provided direction to the consultant (Atkins) throughout the study. The Hillsborough County MPO, FDOT, and TBARTA contributed funding to the Study.


The Westhore area is a major regional activity center in the Tampa Bay area. A major employment center with anticipated residential growth, the area has been designated for an intermodal and multimodal transit center to accommodate future enhanced transit.  The center will serve as a hub for regional transit routes coming from Pinellas across the Howard Frankland Bridge, Pasco and Hernando coming down the Suncoast/Veterans Expressway, and HART buses and a future rail system.

There are numerous issues to consider in locating an intermodal center serving a variety of modes and users. Engineering and planning issues must be taken into consideration. Engineering issues for the multimodal center include; site size, soil types, environmental concerns, etc. Planning for the center has looked at the surrounding area, compatibility, and the anticipated land uses which might result following construction of the center. Additionally, the planning process has looked at what improvements might be necessary for the transportation system in the Westshore business district. The business district is generally defined as Himes Avenue to the east, Kennedy Boulevard on the south, Hillsborough Avenue on the north, and Tampa Bay (including Rocky Point) on the west.

Project Description

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Westshore Multimodal Center Study: Guiding Principles

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