Weigh in on the vision for Tampa’s future

bike rack in the foreground, cruise ship in the background in ChannelsideMay 2022 – Between sports championships and relocation trends, it seems like the City of Tampa has stayed on the nation’s conscience as a top place to live, work, and play. With so much growth and attention coming to our area, it’s a great time to think about how the city can continue to accommodate its community. That’s why getting involved in the process to update the City of Tampa’s 2045 Comprehensive Plan is especially important. The Comprehensive Plan is how the city sets priorities for the future and addresses the economy, housing, transportation, and the environment, among other topics, that influence how we live in Tampa.

The update is a multi-phased, multi-year process that kicked off earlier this year with a Vision Survey to collect feedback from the community about the future of Tampa – what problems can the plan focus on solving? Where can Tampa improve? Tampanians can weigh in on these questions and more by taking the four-minute survey by Sunday, June 5. The community’s input is the foundation for the plan’s Vision, which in turn influences the more specific sections of the plan that will follow it.

In Summer 2022 we expect to finalize the Vision and start updating the section of the Comprehensive Plan that contains policies pertaining to water. This includes policies that deal with potable water, waste water, and storm water. To follow the Plan’s progress, and to keep track of which sections or topics are being updated, sign up for updates.

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