Water Flowing Into Reservoir

CWBillYoung_reservoirTampa Bay Water is once again storing water in the region’s water savings account, the C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir. Since July 25, 2014, an average of 129 million gallons of water has flowed into the reservoir daily.
Water flows into the C.W. Bill Young Reservoir The reservoir has been undergoing a renovation since 2012 and is nearly complete. The renovation was done from the bottom up, so refilling could begin while construction around the top of the facility was finished. The reservoir has a 15.5-billion gallon capacity.

Reservoir renovation construction is nearing completion. Night work is now complete, and Kiewit is removing construction equipment from the reservoir site, including heavy trucks, tools, supplies, lights, machinery shelters, storage areas and other equipment that are no longer needed. The equipment was used to renovate the reservoir including replacing the erosion-control layer so the facility can perform as intended and when needed. In the next few weeks the office facilities will be removed and the area fully restored. This is all part of the final stages of construction. When full, the reservoir holds enough water to fill Raymond James Stadium more than 33 times. Water that is stored during wet times is used during dry times.