Vulnerability Assessment Workshop – Sea Level Scenario Sketch Planning Tool

October 2017 – On Monday, October 16th, the Hillsborough MPO is hosting a technical training workshop on how to use a valuable sea level rise mapping tool called the Sea Level Scenario (SLS) Sketch Planning Tool. The SLS Sketch Planning Tool helps to identify transportation infrastructure exposed to current and future flooding. The tool is publicly accessible, and can be found at

Hillsborough County has 158 miles of coastline, and nearly 80% of the properties in vulnerable areas are publicly owned, including parks and surface transportation facilities such as roads and highways. The Hillsborough MPO utilized this SLS Sketch Planning Tool for the vulnerability assessment in the 2040 Long Range Plan, and anticipates using it again for upcoming reports.

Two workshops will be conducted by the GeoPlanCenter on Monday, October 16th. Each session will teach individuals on how to use the tool. The first session will be from 8:30 am to noon, and the second will be from 1 to 4:30pm to accommodate all schedules. Everyone is welcomed to attend, particularly individuals working on transportation planning and resiliency in coastal areas, including but not limited to MPO/TPO/TPA staff, Regional Planning Council staff, and county and municipal staff.

Registration is required, see the flyer for details.

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