Vision Zero Action Plan (2017)

The Vision Zero Action Plan was collaboratively developed by the MPO Policy Committee, with members representing Tampa City Council, the Hillsborough County Commission, HART Board, and others in 2016 and 2017. Resolutions passed by government agencies and business commit these organizations to incorporating the plan into their operations. The plan has four Action Tracks:

The Action Planning Process

  1. Paint Saves Lives (pop-up design interventions)
  2. One Message, Many Voices (outreach and messaging)
  3. Consistent and Fair (enforcement)
  4. The Future Will Not be Like the Past (flexible design standards)

Final Vision Zero Documents

  1. Vision Zero Action Plan – FINAL
  2. Vision Zero Corridor Profiles – FINAL
  3. Vision Zero Action Plan – slide presentation

*NEW* 2014-2018 Serious Injury and Fatal Crashes – heat map

The map reflects the roadways with the highest number of severe injury crashes per mile. The heat map uses the most recent five years of data (2014-2018) and is overlaid with black lines that represent the top 20 severe injury crashes per mile from the data set used in the development of the Vision Zero Action Plan (2012-2016)

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Tracking Progress

Quarterly Report Spring 2018

Quarterly Report Summer 2018

Quarterly Report Fall 2018

Quarterly Report Winter 2018

Quarterly Report November 2019

Quarterly Report Spring 2020

Vision Zero – Two Year Report 2018-2020

Resources and Data

Towards Zero Deaths

Vision Zero Network

Beginner’s Guide to Safe and Healthy Cycling

Pinpoint Safety Concerns

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Do not use this system to report emergencies. Please call 9-1-1

This map is designed to allow the community to note traffic safety concerns in their neighborhood or a particular location in the county. The information will be used to select projects as representative of the range of projects and programs that support the advancement of Vision Zero. The Action Plan will list a number of projects generated from this map as well as an even larger number of efforts to achieve Vision Zero.

For service requests, such as missing signs, potholes, road debris, and other related issues, contact the Customer Service Centers for:

Hillsborough County · The City of Tampa · The City of Plant City · The City of Temple Terrace