View health data for your community

December 2017 – Curious about health in and around your community? The new Hillsborough County Health Atlas has you covered simply by clicking on a map! This web-based tool provides planners and communities a baseline profile of chronic disease data, demographics, health care access, food environment, transportation, emergency preparedness, and environmental indicators. Add and compare more than 60 features in the current version of this tool.

The creation of the Health Atlas is particularly helpful in identifying health disparities. It was catalyzed by the development of Garden Steps, the MPO and its partners’ entry to the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge. The project is commited to improving food access in Tampa’s food desert areas through establishing community gardens and access to them for bicyclists and pedestrians. The Health Atlas continues to provide empirical data to support Garden Steps and other health-focused initiatives like the Planning Commission’s Health in All Policies project in Terrace Park | University Square.

The Health Atlas will be updated yearly with the first update coming in June 2018 to include new information on chronic diseases in Unincorporated Hillsborough County, Temple Terrace, and Plant City and a community-level assets tab.

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