Value Added Mobility Study shares strategies for funding public mobility improvements

March 2021 – Plan Hillsborough and the University of South Florida researched and compiled a review of case studies discussing value added or capture mechanisms deployed in the delivery of various transit systems. The basic premise held within value capture is the recovery of some or all of the public financing value that public infrastructure generates for private landowners. Value added strategies are public financing tools that recover a share of the financial benefit of public infrastructure investments such as transit or roads which can also spur and increase the worth of private investments. Public dollars create or spur private investment which in turn helps to pay for the public expenditure. This review not only provided an evaluation of value added or capture options, but also recognized key persons and organizations whose insights may be beneficial for next steps in Hillsborough County.

The research was showcased on September 25, 2020 during a virtual knowledge share and consisted of two topic discussions:

  • Defining Value Added and examples of successful implementation around the U.S.
  • Identifying and leveraging unique opportunities and challenges in Hillsborough County.

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel.

Read the final case study: Value Capture Strategies for Funding Public Mobility Improvements.

As our region, county and municipalities continue to grow these tools and the conversations around them will become increasingly important as new technologies, new infrastructure, and new demand require us all to bring value added or capture tools to the planning table.

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