USF-to-Green ARTery Trail Study opens public survey

bicyclists on trail in parkAugust 2021 – A survey for the USF-to-Green ARTery Trail Study is now open, an important step that invites public review and can potentially lead to the development of a trail connection from USF to a network of trails across the City of Tampa.

The USF-to-Green ARTery Trail is a conceptualized trail connection between the University of South Florida (USF) and the proposed Green ARTery Perimeter Trail near the Hillsborough River. The trail connection includes proposed safe crossing locations on Fowler Ave., a high traffic commercial corridor with residential areas to its north and south.

The trail connection’s destination, the proposed Green ARTery Perimeter Trail, will span 22 miles, connecting dozens of parks, greenspaces, and neighborhoods in the City of Tampa. North of the City, the trail connection will serve residential areas such as the University Area and the Campus Hill Drive neighborhood along with USF, the Rithm at Uptown development project, and James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.

The TPO has already received input and support from the project’s key stakeholders which include the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), University of South Florida, the Tampa Innovation Partnership, RD Management, James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, and CSX. Stakeholders reviewed potential trail routes which included Bruce B. Downs, 22nd St, and 15th St.

To participate in the survey, please visit  For more information about the study, please visit contact Wade Reynolds, AICP at or 813-793-2361.

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