USF Area Multimodal Study (2010)


The   Hillsborough   County   Metropolitan   Planning   Organization   (MPO)   and   the Hillsborough  County  Planning  and  Growth  Management  Department  worked  in partnership   with   stakeholders   and   local   residents   to   plan   for   a   Multimodal Transportation  District  (MMTD)  in  the  University  of  South  Florida  (USF)  area  of Hillsborough County.  The goals of this effort are to facilitate the use of multiple modes of transportation that will lead to a reduction in automobile use and vehicle miles traveled, to create opportunities for long ‐term funding of multimodal improvements, and to help meet community objectives for encouraging infill and redevelopment.  The designation  of  such  districts  recognizes  the  inherent  integral  relationship  between transportation, land use, and urban design, and the degree to which these elements affect each other.

The USF Area was selected for many reasons.  First, because it is a growing regional activity center with a diverse and dense mix of residents, students and employees, with access to a variety of places including  the university campus, other schools, hospitals, parks,   public   services,   and   commercial   centers.       Second,   some   multimodal improvements are already in the works. These include the Fletcher Avenue Pedestrian Safety  Study  and  related  improvements, 22nd  Street  enhancement  project  recently completed  that  provides  a  model  for  other  corridors  in  the  area,  and  the  new “MetroRapid” Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service scheduled to begin soon along Fletcher and Nebraska Avenues.  Third, roads are congested with vehicles, and redevelopment is hindered by costly mitigation requirements for roadway Level of Service (LOS).  Last, there  are  transit  riders,  bicyclists,  and  pedestrians  in  this  area,  indicating  that improvements of these modes will be used if provided.

USF Area Multimodal Study