Updates are coming to the Capital Improvements Section of the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan

large lengths of pipe waiting to be installed undergroundJuly 2022 – The Capital Improvements Section, a component of the overall Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update, is moving forward as part of the July cycle of plan amendments. The Capital Improvements Section serves to update the Capital Improvements Element of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Section will continue to provide a framework using the County’s Comprehensive Plan and other adopted plans as guides for developing and implementing capital projects. It provides guidance on evaluating the need for public facilities as identified in other Sections of the Comprehensive Plan and shows how infrastructure needs identified in other Sections will be funded. It also contains the Schedule of Projects, a list of the various public infrastructure improvement projects scheduled in the next five years and serves as a Level of Service. The Section supports the Future Land Use Element, providing guidance regarding infrastructure and capital planning by outlining growth decisions’ revenue and expenditure requirements.

The update is a collaboration between the Planning Commission and stakeholders from various departments of Hillsborough County government.

The public is invited to review and comment on the draft language, which will be available at the beginning of August on the project page. To receive updates on the Section and to be notified when the draft language is available, sign up for email updates. A Virtual Public Meeting on the proposed update is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10 at 6 pm. The public will be able to comment and ask questions in a virtual format.

The public is also encouraged to submit questions and comments in advance through the submission form on the project page.

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