Upcoming Medicaid changes June 1

Beginning June 1, 2014 in Hillsborough County, most transportation of Medicaid clients to non-emergency medical appointments will no longer be provided through a contract between the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, and local for-hire vehicle operator MMG Transportation. Under new statewide policy, AHCA will work with managed-care organizations (in Hillsborough County: Amerigroup, Better Health, Humana Medical Plan, Integral Quality Care, Prestige Health Choice, Staywell and Sunshine Health) to provide all client services, and these organizations will contract with transportation brokers operating in Florida:

If you are a current Medicaid client of MMG Transportation and you are now enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care program, you must contact your Medicaid managed-care provider, or their transportation broker, to request transportation services.

A counselor will assist you in selecting the plan that best meets your needs. To contact a choice counselor, you can use your computer to go to flmedicaidmanagedcare.com or you can call 1-877- 711-3662 to talk to a choice counselor. You can request an in person visit from a choice counselor as well.