Transportation Research Board Annual Conference

Planners and consultants discussing researchFebruary 2020 – Kittelson and Associates worked with the Hillsborough MPO to create an award-winning poster that was displayed at the 99th Annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting January 12-16 in Washington, D.C. Lisa Silva, Principal Planner for the MPO, had the honor of presenting the poster which focused on transportation equity techniques in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) public outreach process.

The poster demonstrated how MPO staff invested time and resources to engage Communities of Concern during the 2045 LRTP update process. Communities of Concern are areas that have two or more characteristics significantly above the county’s median (e.g. minorities, zero-car households, elderly, children, income, disability status, limited English proficiency). Residents of these areas face unique and sometimes overwhelming obstacles to transportation and engagement.

Strategies included social media ads focused on zip codes with Communities of Concern, presenting at neighborhood and community meetings, and riding bus routes through Communities of Concern. Results of these efforts doubled minority representation when compared to the 2040 Plan update.

More than 13,000 transportation professionals from over 70 countries attended the event covering all modes of transportation. The poster session is an opportunity for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for in-depth technical discussions. The sessions are very well attended and a popular feature of the annual meeting.

MPO Executive Director Beth Alden presented two sessions during the conference: ROI for Resilience Investments and Making the Grade: MPOs Using Data to Prioritize Investments.

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