Training our emerging leaders for the future

January 2018 – The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) was developed to begin a process for Plan Hillsborough to address the retirement of many of the agency’s current leadership over the next few years. A year-long program that began in January 2017, ELP was designed to train selected staff on the fundmentals of leadership and management. The program also  provided insights on how the agency operates and the dynamics of the Hillsborough County public and private sectors.

The participants – Brandon Henry, Johnny Wong, Michael Rempfer, Melissa Dickens, Melissa Lienhard and Sarah McKinley – were enrolled in the program after going through a screening and selection process that included a formal application and written essay. Three components of the program included monthly education sessions and panel discussions, plus in-agency mentoring with senior staff. Our emerging leaders were involved in leadership oriented topics administered by The Profitable Group. Panel discussions featured current and previous leaders in the community, including previous Planning Commission senior staff and management, former elected officials, current County administration or other public agency and private sector leaders i.e., businesses owners and private business associations.

For the final session of the program, participants gave a PowerPoint presentation to the December 2017 Planning Commission meeting on their ideas regarding a value-added service or a cost-saving measure. After answering questions from the Planning Commissioners, ELP Certificates of Accomplishment were awarded.  Congratulations to our emerging leaders!


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