TOD Committee Focuses on Bus Rapid Transit and Development

BRT_Standard2012Earlier this year, HART established a committee to explore the potential for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines to stimulate transit oriented development (TOD). The committee comprises the public and private sector, including realtors, builders, economic development experts, community redevelopment managers, and staff from the Planning Commission and MPO. Chaired by Tampa City Councilman and HART board member Mike Suarez, the Committee has looked at cities across the country with BRT systems to analyze their success, or lack of success of BRT to catalyze TOD. In April, the committee reviewed stops along HART’s MetroRapid route for potential economic development opportunities. In May, the committee heard from Mr. Joe Calebrese, the Cleveland Regional Transit Authority‘s CEO and Caryn Champine, from Denver’s TOD office.

So far, the Committee’s focus has been on public/private partnerships, road types, streetscape designs, alternate modes of transportation and how they could potentially link, developer incentives, land use compatibility, funding, political implications, and neighborhood opposition/support. All of these factors will help HART and local government determine what BRT routes have the greatest potential for TOD.

For more information, contact HART at 813/623-5835.