TIP Amendments: Walk Bike Safety Outreach and HART New Passenger Ferry Grant

Bike lane on US 274

Cross Bay Ferry at Downtown Convention Center Port

These TIP amendments will impact two projects, noted below:

  • 444199-1 Walk/Bike Safety Outreach
  • 451342-1 HART New Passenger Ferry Grant

The first amendment will add funds to the FY23 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Walk/Bike Safety Outreach led by FDOT. This project will use geofencing to reach a target audience of road users on the High Injury Network and communicate safety messages about the dangers of speeding.

The second amendment, HART New Passenger Ferry Grant, will add capital funds to the FY23 TIP. HART was recently awarded a USDOT grant and is expected to use the funds to purchase a new ferry, which will serve the route from Tampa to St. Petersburg.

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