TIP Amendments for I-75 and I-4 Merge Lanes, Lighting, and Railroad Crossing Projects

The TPO will consider a set of 9 TIP Amendments at the Board meeting on January 11, 2022. These TIP amendments were requested by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for safety, operational, lighting, and railroad crossing adjustments. They include projects along I-4 and I-75, lighting projects along US 301 and State Road 60, a railroad crossing project on State Road 60, and pedestrian safety improvements on South Dale Mabry Boulevard. 

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I-75 and I-4 Merge Lanes

Four of the nine amendments in this set are part of I-75 and I-4 merge lanes. Two of these amendments will add north and southbound merge lanes on I-75 from Tampa Bypass Canal to Fowler Avenue with the aim to improve safety by reducing the need to merge. The third amendment in this group is the addition of a merge lane on westbound I-4 from east of the Seffner weigh station to west of McIntosh Road. The intent is to reduce merging length and hazardous maneuvers by extending the westbound entrance ramp. The fourth amendment in this group would allow for the addition of a merge lane on eastbound I-4 from east of Bethlehem Road to west of Branch Forbes Road. By extending the eastbound exit ramp, the project aims to increase safety and operations. 

I-75 Concept Diagrams 

I-4 Concept Diagrams 

US 301 and State Road 60 Lighting Projects

The next three of the nine amendment would allow for the changing of street lights along US 301 and State Road 60 from high-pressure sodium fixtures to LED fixtures on existing FDOT light poles. By increasing visibility, the aim of these projects is to enhance safety on these roadways. The locations of these light fixture changes include: SR 60, south of Plant City, from west of SR 39 to west of Clarence Gordon Jr Boulevard, US 301 from west of Crescent Park Drive to north of Elm Fair Boulevard in the West Brandon Area, and US 301 from north of Hampton Oaks Parkway to west of Jackson Road in the Thonotosassa area.

State Road 60 Railroad Crossing Alterations

The eighth amendment in this set would allow for alterations at the railroad crossing on State Road 60, south of Plant City near the Clarence Gordon Jr Rd intersection. This adjustment would change the existing crossing to a concrete tub and place a sidewalk over the crossing. 

South Dale Mabry Pedestrian Safety Modifications

The final amendment in this set would allow for the creation of signalized pedestrian crossings on South Dale Mabry Highway at the intersections of West Mango Ave, West Wisconsin Ave, and West Pearl Avenue. These projects aim to significantly enhance pedestrian safety and connectivity and will feature pedestrian hybrid beacons. 

S Dale Mabry Concept Diagrams

For more information, visit the TIP webpage here. For inquiries, contact Connor MacDonald at macdonaldc@plancom.org or 813-946-5334.