google maps aerial view of west boy scout blvd and north manhattan ave


This TIP amendment will impact two projects, noted below:

  • 449852 – 1 Boy Scout Blvd signalization, lighting, signage, and pavement markings
  • 450693 – 1 US 301 signalization, lighting, signage, and pavement markings

The intersection of W Boy Scout Blvd at Manhattan Ave is one of the top safety priorities identified in the TIP priority list. The newly programmed funds will signalize the intersection and stripe it appropriately to allow for safer traffic flow. Traffic signals will offer emergency vehicle preemption to accommodate responses from the nearby fire station. Other improvements include pedestrian crossings, new lighting, and signage.

Three intersections along US 301 – Harney Rd, Stacy Rd, and McIntosh Rd – will be signalized. Additional improvements include new lighting to enhance the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians, and crosswalks to facilitate access to the Fort King Trail.

These projects will not be accelerated into the FY23 TIP but will instead be programmed in FY24. The purpose of this TIP Amendment is to secure federal authorization from FHWA and approve the FY24 funding amount prior to the estimated letting date of the projects, which is tentatively scheduled for November 15, 2023.



Roger Mathier, [email protected]