Thonotosassa Community Plan

Thonotosassa Community Plan (Effective March 3, 2004)

Planning Commission Staff Contact:

Countywide Planner • Countywide Planning Team

E planner@plancom.orgT 813.272.5940 • F 813.272.6258

Hillsborough County, Development Services Staff Contact:

Matt Lewis, Executive Planner •Community Planning Section

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To locate the complete adopted text of the community plan go to the Livable Communities Element and use the Table of Contents to go to the Thonotosassa Community Plan.

View the Sociocultural Data Report (SDR) for Thonotosassa. The SDR contains demographic information and trends for Thonotosassa from 1990 to 2015, a summary of existing land use within the community, and a list of facilities. A demographic profile for Hillsborough County is also available at the end of the document.


The Thonotosassa Community Plan boundary map, implementation strategies and a vision statement sets forth the community’s preference for services and facilities, protection of natural resources, land uses for the area, recreational opportunities, enhanced civic involvement, and community pride. 

The Main Street downtown area is the traditional center of community life and a commercial success.


  1. Community Control
  2. Sense of Community
  3. Rural Character, Open Space and Agriculture
  4. Diversity of People, Housing and Uses
  5. Environment
  6. Improved Reputation and Civic Pride

The plan was further implemented by the adoption of development requirements in the Land Development Code (LDC) which are outlined in detail below:

Land Development Codes:

Part 3.18.00 – Thonotosassa Main Street Overlay Distric

 (adopted November 02, 2006)

Part 3.18.01 – Purpose

Part 3.18.02 – Applicability

Part 3.18.03 – Permitted Uses

Part 3.18.04 – General Development Standards

Part 3.18.05 – Specific Development Standards

Part 3.18.06 – Signs 

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This plan was effective March 3, 2004.  If you would like further information, please contact the Planning Commission.

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CPA 03-11  Effective date: March 3, 2004.



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Documents and Meetings

Community Plans adopted before 2009 do not include documents and meeting files at this time. This plan was effective September 9, 2001. Request for further information should be directed to staff.



To view the adopted boundary for the Thonotosassa Community Plan please click on the link below.

Thonotosassa Community Plan Area



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