Thinking on our feet…

Standing up for better health and sharper focus
Jamie Robe at VarideskRecently, My Fox Tampa Bay stopped by the Planning Commission to take a look at our Varidesks, allowing many of us to stand up for better health and more focus at our jobs.
Sitting is Killing You, according to a September 2014 article in TIME. But the health benefits are only part of this equation.

Yes, many Planning Commission staff have embraced their standing desks for better posture, circulation, and calorie burn, but we also are feeling more productive and focused. “There’s an energy boost you get from standing more and slouching less,” said Lionel Fuentes, Planning Commission Network Administrator. “I love my standing desk and stand for most of the day now.” The Varidesk is a retrofit adjustable platform that sits on top of our existing desks, allowing us to work from either a standing or a sitting position.

View the video and read the FOX 13 story.