The Innovative MPO

Hillsborough MPO & Planning Commission recognized

MPO innovationsThe Innovative MPO, released on December 10th by Transportation for America, is a new guidebook for the staff and board members of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). The guide showcases best practices from across the country illustrating ways MPOs can help their communities prosper.

The Hillsborough MPO and Planning Commission are recognized in the section focused on collaborating with local communities. Working with community stakeholders to create a planning guide for local staff, Creating & Updating Community Plans was published in October 2012.   The guide was cited for outlining an “inclusive and deliberative planning process” designed to align local plans with the regional metropolitan transportation plan goals. It explains the roles of various agencies and other stakeholders, provides a template for public participation and a process for creating or updating a community plan. The report also noted the Planning Commission’s website includes an easily navigable map of the unincorporated communities with information about their current plans and the status of any updates.

“We are proud of being recognized for the Planning Commission’s close collaboration with the MPO, linking land use plans with transportation investments to better meet our growing region’s needs,” said Melissa Zornitta, who has been tapped to become the next Executive Director of the Planning Commission following Ray Chiaramonte’s retirement at the end of January 2015.