Temple Terrace’s population grew 9% from 2010–2020

January 2022 – This is the fourth in a series of articles looking at population growth from 2010-2020.  Temple Terrace grew 9% to 26,832 people[i]. Back in August, the Census Bureau released its first batch of data and releases will continue through 2022. Since this data is at the block level, we can look at population dynamics in the two ZIP Codes wholly or partially in Temple Terrace.

As seen in Figure 1, below, new residents moving to Temple Terrace from 2010-2020 moved primarily to developments on Morris Bridge Road between Fletcher and Fowler Avenues.  Figure 2 lists ZIP Codes 33617 (straddles 56th Street) and 33637 (straddles Morris Bridge Road) in Temple Terrace.  Their population grew 9% (33617) and 23% (33637).

Figure 1.  2010-2020 Growth Areas Within Temple Terrace

This map shows two ZIP Codes (33617 and 33637) wholly or partially within Temple Terrace. It also shows those areas (in blue ) that experiences growth in the period 2010-2020. Darker blue areas are areas that grew fastest.

Figure 2.  2010-2020 Population Growth in Temple Terrace’s fastest growing ZIP Codes

Figure 2 shows 2010 population (in orange) and new population 2010-2020 (in yellow) for ZIP Codes 33617 and 33637.

By 2045, Temple Terrace’s projected population is 30,020 people (12% higher) [ii].  It is expected to receive 3,188 new residents.  ZIP Code 33637 (straddles Morris Bridge Road) is the least populous but is expected to grow the fastest (23%) (See Figure 3).

Figure 3.  2020-2045 Expected Population Growth in Temple Terrace’s Fastest Growing ZIP Codes

Figure 2 shows 2020 population (in blue) and new population 2020-2045 (in green) for ZIP Codes 33617 and 33637.

To conclude, Temple Terrace’s 2010-2020 growth centered on Morris Bridge Road between Fletcher and Fowler Avenues. This area is expected to continue to see the fastest growth through 2045. By 2045, Temple Terrace’s population would be just over 30,000 residents.

For more information on housing units, population, and employment trends, please go to:  https://planhillsborough.org/demographic-economic-data/. Do you have an economic or demographic data need for a more specific area within Hillsborough County? Please feel free to contact us.

[i] “2020 Population Estimates Reveal Tampa Attracted More New Residents in the Last Decade.” https://planhillsborough.org/2020-population-estimates-reveal-tampa-attracted-more-new-residents-in-the-last-decade/

[ii] Population Estimates and Projections. Demographic and Economic Data. Plan Hillsborough. https://planhillsborough.org/demographic-economic-data/

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