Temple Terrace looks at potential golf cart crossings

temple terrace golf cart crossings slider imageAugust 2019 – Temple Terrace was designed as one of the first master planned golf communities in the country, and this legacy continues today with golf still a central focus of the City. Most residents can currently use golf carts to travel on local streets in the City, but two large state roads, Fowler Avenue and 56th Street, bisect the city and cannot presently be crossed with a golf cart. These roads also separate the main population center of the City from two grocery stores, which are possible destinations for golf cart drivers as well.

temple terrace golf cart crossings mockup mapThe goal of this low speed electric vehicle study was to evaluate seven potential crossing locations to see if the criteria required by the Department of Transportation could be satisfied, thus allowing a golf cart crossing. Crash data, intersection volumes, speed limits, crossing distances and the geometry of each intersection were closely considered. Of the four locations evaluated on 56th Street, the intersections at Whiteway, Mission Hills, and Temple Heights are all potential locations for a crossing, but variances to one or more criteria may need to be requested from FDOT.

Fowler Avenue is a more difficult crossing due to the speed of the roadway and the need to cross six lanes of traffic. One concept studied was to go beneath the roadway at the existing bridge over the Hillsborough River, but the connections to and from this underpass will require a more detailed study.

The MPO sponsored the study, to help the city of Temple Terrace. Staff will continue working towards increasing mobility choices for the residents of Temple Terrace and looks forward to coordinating on the next steps to implement an initial golf cart crossing.

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