Environmental Section Update for the Tampa Comprehensive Plan


The Environmental and Sustainability Section serves to update the Environmental Section of the City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan. The Environmental and Sustainability Section provides a framework for the conservation, use, and protection of natural resources, wetlands, lakes, soil conservation, Hillsborough River, and alternative energy.

The purpose of the Environmental and Sustainability Section is to provide a plan and policy direction for the preservation, conservation, and management of the natural resources within the City of Tampa. The Environmental and Sustainability Section’s role is to maintain or improve the City’s environmental and natural resources and its citizens’ quality of life in anticipation of the region’s population growth.

The language was developed via a cooperative effort with staff from across the City of Tampa government and incorporates feedback from stakeholders.


Phase 1

  • Development of draft language
  • Collaborative development process with City professionals, stakeholders
  • Began winter 2023
  • Completed

Phase 2

  • Public and stakeholder review and comment open
  • Closed
  • Completed

Phase 3

  • Recommendation and transmittal
  • July 10 Planning Commission Briefing
  • August 14 Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • August 31 Tampa City Council Public Hearing
  • Upcoming

Phase 4

  • Amendment adoption
  • October 26 Tampa City Council Public Hearing
  • Upcoming

Public Engagement

Public Meetings

Meetings will be posted here as they are scheduled.

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Future Steps

  • Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • City of Tampa Transmittal Public Hearing