One Water: Comprehensive Planning for Water Resources

Project Overview

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One Water serves to update, modernize and combine the previously separate Stormwater Management, Potable Water and Wastewater Sections of the City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan to reflect the interrelated nature of water. The update will replace these Sections in the Comprehensive Plan, incorporate water resources-related language from other Sections, and provide a framework for new City initiatives such as green infrastructure and coordinated water resources planning.  Additionally, the Section update includes themes of environmental protection, equitable access and resiliency to the effects of climate change. 

The language was developed via a collaborative effort with staff from various water resources disciplines across the City of Tampa.  It builds on vision themes and feedback from respondents to the Live, Grow, Thrive 2045 vision engagement.

Supporting documents, presentations, and maps can be found at the bottom of this page under the Documents section.

Scope of the Initiative

Phase 1

Development of draft language

Collaborative development process with City water resources professionals and review by area agencies

Began Spring 2022


Phase 2

Public and stakeholder review, community meetings, and comment

Planning Commission briefing

Summer/Fall 2022


Phase 3

Recommendation and transmittal

Planning Commission recommendation

Tampa City Council transmittal hearing

Fall/Winter 2022


Phase 4

Amendment adoption

Early 2023

Public Engagement

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Phase 2


Project Plans & Studies

Supporting Documents

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Melissa Dickens, AICP, Strategic Planning and Policy Manager, Planning Commission

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Diego Guerra, Senior Planner, Planning Commission


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