Tampa Mixed-Use Study

Channelside mixed use development with downtown Tampa in the background

Planning Commission staff at the request of and in cooperation with City of Tampa staff completed a comparison study of “Mixed-Use Land Use Categories” within Comprehensive Plans for selected jurisdictions within Florida and elsewhere in the United States. The study includes a series of information sheets (some are attached, others are linked within the report) for each jurisdiction. The information sheets summarize how land use categories and supporting policy within a Comprehensive Plan relate to mixed-use in policy support, direction, and practice within the land use 

The report also provides initial recommendations for Tampa’s Comprehensive Plan and makes mention of supporting policy within the Land Development Code. This study was focused on Comprehensive Plan direction and provides only a cursory review of implementation strategies through zoning recommendations. Initial recommendations for the Comprehensive Plan include the creation of more and 
direct definitions for “Mixed-Use”. Land Use categories termed mixed-use and mixed-use development are different and this should be clear and evident within the Plan.

Secondary planning is needed during the update to recommend policy direction to 
support mixed-use development. This policy may require mixed-use, mixed-use form, or may further incentivize mixed-use, either through density and intensity provisions in certain locations or category specific provisions. 

Tampa Mixed-Use Study

Presentation of Tampa Mixed-Use Study at December 6, 2021 Planning Commission Regular Meeting


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