Tampa Comprehensive Plan Update

2045 Comprehensive Plan Update

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This Plan is created through a joint effort with the City of Tampa and a public outreach process which will incorporate in-depth revisions to the existing Comprehensive Plan that will support the future envisioned by the community as well as the City’s changing needs.

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Built Environment

Land Use


Community/Neighborhood Planning


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Natural Open Space

Recreation and Open Space

Coastal Management


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Capital Improvements

Solid Waste

Intergovernmental Coordination

Public Schools

About the Update

The Comprehensive Plan is a long-term blueprint for future growth of the City.  It establishes a community’s policies and priorities regarding future development while aiming to preserve the area’s environmental features and community character. View the current Comprehensive Plan or to learn more visit the FAQ Page.

The Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission, in coordination with the Tampa Planning Department, is overseeing a multi-phased, multi-year project that will ultimately lead to in-depth revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and updating it to the 2045 horizon. This process will address the changing needs of the City, with a resulting format that is streamlined, user-friendly, and represents the future envisioned by the community.