Tampa Bay Transportation Management Area Leadership Group (TMA)


There is a role for a TMA-focused group, not currently performed by any existing transportation organization. That role includes developing regional consensus priorities for the TMA, especially in the allocation of federal & state funds. The group will focus on major cross-county transportation markets and traffic movements, and on helping the Tampa Bay metropolitan area speak with one voice in discussions of regional transportation prioritization issues and financial resources.

First-year tasks will include developing TMA priorities and at least one project that demonstrates that the Leadership Group can effect change. Potential candidates for an initial project include managed lanes with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along a major tri-county spine.


The Leadership will comprise three members of each MPO board as voting members, and non-voting advisors from FDOT and TBARTA. Recommendations will be by consensus. The staff support group will comprise staff of these agencies, transit agencies and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, the latter as needed.


Meetings of the Tampa Bay TMA Leadership Group will be held approximately every other month, on the first Friday of the month, at 9:00 am, at a central meeting location.  Meetings of the TMA staff support group will be held by conference call at 1:30 pm on the second Friday of the month.  Each group will have a notification list by mail or e-mail, and interested parties may request to their MPO to be notified of meetings.

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The TMA Leadership Group acts in an advisory role to each of the three MPOs, which will have final approval of TMA work products. Leadership members will be responsible for conveying concerns of their respective MPOs to the TMA group, and for conveying TMA group discussion and recommendations back to the MPOs.

This group’s work will be staffed jointly by the staff of the three MPOs. Public notice for meetings will be provided by all three MPOs according to their typical procedures.

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