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Site recommended for Westshore Regional Multimodal Center

With more than 54,000 jobs, the Westshore Business District is one of the largest employment centers in the Southeast United States, attracting commuters from all over our region. Employment projections show that another 7,000 to 26,000 jobs could be added by 2040. The area has also seen significant growth in multi-family housing. Westshore has been…


TBARTA sees Westshore & Gateway as “critical core”

The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) sees Westshore and Gateway as the core needed to achieve a world-class network. TBARTA is pursuing funding for high priority projects regarded as stepping stones to a stronger regional transportation network. Three of these “critical core” projects are in the Westshore business district: Replace the northbound span…


Making Westshore Boulevard “Grand”

Westshore Boulevard is the primary north-south thoroughfare through the Westshore Business District. Over the years, the Westshore Business District has become the largest employment and retail center in West Central Florida. With a suburban style development pattern, Westshore Boulevard is a busy street with outdated accommodations and many design features since it was developed in…


Westshore Multimodal Center Location Study (2012)

The study for the Westshore Multimodal Location Study is a collaborative effort of the Hillsborough County, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Florida Department of Transportation District 7, (FDOT), the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA), the City of Tampa, and the Westshore Alliance. Representatives from each of these organizations serve on a management team that has provided direction…

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