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FDOT funds walk/bike safety projects

At the beginning of January, FDOT District 7 unveiled its five year work program and it contained many of the priorities listed in the MPO’s Imagine 2040 Transportation Plan. The MPO developed the long-range plan from listening to what people throughout the county see as our greatest transportation needs. Each year, after learning how much…


Five-Year Improvement Program includes TBX, with caveats

On June 22nd, the MPO Board held what was probably one of the largest and most well attended public hearings in its history. Hundreds of involved and engaged citizens came to voice their concerns for and against projects in the Transportation Improvement Program, including Tampa Bay Express (TBX). The TBX project will expand portions of…


We’ve got a list… and transit’s on it!

The MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program is a list of transportation projects to be funded over the next five years. There are so many transportation needs in our county that a priority list helps direct the limited money available and helps us keep track of how well we’re doing at reaching goals set in our Long…


Coming soon to a corridor near you!

At its June 2nd meeting, the MPO held a public hearing before adopting a $1.4 billion Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP funds a wide variety of projects over the next five years and begins to realize the MPO’s 2040 Plan. Public transit and rideshare improvements are an important part of the TIP, including: Replacing older buses in HART’s…


FDOT funds priorities for next 5 years

FDOT presented its tentative list of projects to be funded over the next five years at a public hearing held on December 16th. With the annual update of the Work Program this year, FDOT announced the advancement of several projects along with additional funding for several MPO priorities. Most notable is the design and construction…


MPO Board Adopts TIP

The MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program was adopted by the MPO Board on June 4th. Listing funding for key transportation projects over the next five years, the TIP becomes effective on October 1st. Nearly $2 billion in State and Federal funds are planned to be spent for transportation improvements in Hillsborough County by the MPO’s partner…

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