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Transportation Management Area Leadership Group sets Top 5

The Tampa Bay Transportation Management Area (TMA) Leadership Group, with members of the MPO Boards of Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties, agreed on their top 5 transportation projects for the year. This advisory group was formed to draw attention to the cross-border transportation needs of the tri-county area. At the TMA September 2nd meeting at…


Spotlight on neighborhood impacts

Tampa’s Downtown Interchange is a source of congestion, frustration, and sometimes crashes, but unclogging the bottlenecks will impact neighborhoods like Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, Ybor, and the Downtown Arts District. On Tuesday, March 22, engineers and planners took a bus and walking tour to view the areas where the Tampa Bay Express project is proposed…


One voice on top regional priorities

What happens when representatives from eight counties, six MPOs and two FDOT districts meet to discuss which transportation projects to fund next? Cynics might predict squabbling over parochial concerns would trump regional needs, but they would be wrong. Defying such predictions, elected officials and agency heads from across West Central Florida came together in May….

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