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Northwest County’s bus service study

With the MPO’s support for a consulting team, HART is taking another look at how to best serve the communities of Citrus Park, Northdale, Carrollwood Village, Westchase, and Town & Country. It’s a challenging proposition since homes often are not in walking distance of bus stops or destinations like stores, parks, and schools. And it…


Economic Potential Evaluation of the Comprehensive Plan

During the 2011 public input process to update the Future of the Hillsborough Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development was identified as a major issue facing Hillsborough County. The intent of this study is to inform and provide perspectives on ways comprehensive policies can enhance opportunities for economic growth and development. Model economic elements were reviewed and…


Economic Development Area Study

This report provides a review of recently completed studies and analyses designed to identify target industries to support the region’s economic development; a summary of methods used to identify Economic Development Areas (EDAs) within Hillsborough County with potential to support targeted industry investment; and maps and text describing the EDAs, defining their suitability for investment,…

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