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SIS plans for Florida’s intermodal future

The Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) is Florida’s high priority network of transportation facilities important to the state’s economy and mobility. The Governor and Legislature established the SIS in 2003 to focus the state’s limited transportation resources on the facilities most significant for inter-regional, interstate, and international travel. The SIS is the state’s highest priority for…


Adamo Drive improvements

Approximately a mile of Adamo Drive is set to be improved with smoother pavement and designated locations for people to walk and bicycle. The existing roadway is a 7-Lane divided urban principal arterial with an open drainage system. This project consists of milling and resurfacing the pavement and enhancing multi-modal connectivity through the addition of…


TBARTA Master Plan 2013 Update

TBARTA (Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority) updates its Master Plan every other year. This ensures the vision continues to reflect the needs and desires for a balanced transportation system that will improve mobility of passengers and freight throughout the region.  The 2013 Master Plan Update is a minor update to refine the transit, freight, and roadway networks,…

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