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Critical Infrastructure Symposium Rescheduled

In an ironic turn of events, the originally-scheduled symposium was postponed due to inclement weather. The new date has been set for Wednesday, December 14, 2016 from . The symposium will focus on sharing information on the impacts of sea level rise, extreme precipitation and storm surge impacts, facilitating discussions regarding preparedness and resiliency. The…


Building transportation resiliency

Tampa Bay has always been vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes. A Category 3 storm with winds of 111 to 129 mph could send water up to 21 feet deep surging inland. Even our monsoon-like summer rainstorms regularly floods low-lying roads. Adding to these hazards in the coming decades is sea level rise, which could…


MPO awarded Resiliency Grant

The Federal HighwayAdministration (FHWA) selected the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), in collaboration with the Planning Commission, Hillsborough County, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, and the University of South Florida, to be a pilot project to assess our transportation system’s resiliency to extreme weather.  The project’s purpose is to develop strategies to offset…

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