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MPO School Transportation Working Group (STWG)

2019 STWG succession plan July 17, 2018 Resource Document: Guide for Alternative Transportation Options MPO School Safety Study documents: Final_School Safety Study_Signed_092018 Hillsborough MPO School Safety Study Methodology V2-Dec 2017 PRESENTATION – MPO School Safety Study Top Ten Report School Admin Letter December 19 School Safety Study Scope MPO School Safety Study Screening Data- TOP TEN School…


Temple Terrace CP : Public School Facilities Element

The PSFE focuses on coordinated planning among the School District, County and local governments to accommodate future student growth needs in the public school system. The PSFE addresses school level of service; school utilization; school proximity and compatibility with residential development; availability of public infrastructure; co-location opportunities; and financial feasibility. Temple Terrace Public School Facilities…

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