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New concepts for complicated intersections

An innovative approach to improving safety at intersections while also improving traffic flow is called a “Peanutabout.” The name may sound a bit confusing, but the concept is simple. Take a typical roundabout, already known for its benefits to traffic safety, and reshape to fit where right of way is tight… plus add a cycle…


Walk-about, drive-about a roundabout

The Livable Roadways Committee (LRC) had their interest piqued about modern roundabouts during a recent presentation highlighting their significant safety benefits. Excited by statistics like the greater than 90% reduction in fatalities, the LRC graciously accepted the presenter’s offer of a tour to experience local roundabouts firsthand. Committee members, MPO staff, and other local planners joined tour guide Ken Sides of Sam Schwartz…


Dear Livable Roadways Committee:

Subject: Livable Intersections — Tampa’s new 22nd St Roundabout On the topic of “Livable Intersections,” I wanted to call attention to Tampa’s new low-speed one-lane modern roundabout on 22nd St. If you drive around it a few times and glance at your speedometer, you’ll notice your vehicle speed is probably about 15mph or even less….

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