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Transportation’s future could fly high!

A recent article in The Telegraph by James Titcomb explains how our commutes may be high flying fun in the future. If you summon an Uber in 10 years’ time, you will probably get a car that drives itself. But then again, you may not be traveling in a car at all. The taxi-hailing app…


A new product in ride sharing

Ridesharing was supposed to be different. As described in an article in the journal Transport Reviews, the movement started as a way to conserve resources in the U.S. during World War II. It evolved over the decades into a green movement to get cars off the streets. Lately the term has been used to refer…


Roll Your Carpool into 10K Cash with Startup 275

Thanks to FDOT and TBARTA teaming up to launch Startup 275, your carpool can do more than save you money, it could earn you big bucks! A creative campaign targeting would-be entrepreneurs who carpool along the I-275 construction zone between Westshore and downtown Tampa, Startup 275 is a new spin on carpooling that will earn…

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