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Walk-about, drive-about a roundabout

The Livable Roadways Committee (LRC) had their interest piqued about modern roundabouts during a recent presentation highlighting their significant safety benefits. Excited by statistics like the greater than 90% reduction in fatalities, the LRC graciously accepted the presenter’s offer of a tour to experience local roundabouts firsthand. Committee members, MPO staff, and other local planners joined tour guide Ken Sides of Sam Schwartz…


Counties collaborate for better access to human services

Three public workshops were held in Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties in November on the Tri-County Access Plan (TCAP).  Workshops included a presentation, structured exercises to collect feedback, and an open comment section for the public to weigh-in on public transportation. The Hillsborough Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board is scheduled to learn the results of these…


Dear Livable Roadways Committee:

Subject: Livable Intersections — Tampa’s new 22nd St Roundabout On the topic of “Livable Intersections,” I wanted to call attention to Tampa’s new low-speed one-lane modern roundabout on 22nd St. If you drive around it a few times and glance at your speedometer, you’ll notice your vehicle speed is probably about 15mph or even less….


Tampa launches Bright Lights, Safe Nights program

Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced in October an initiative to add 8,400 new streetlights in the city over the next five years. Tampa plans to spend $2.2 million increasing the total number nearly 30% above the current 30,000 streetlights. Buckhorn’s “Bright Lights, Safe Nights” program takes on a problem that contributed to the death of a…

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