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Transit coming to the Northwest

In March of this year, the MPO and HART kicked off a new study to evaluate transit service options in northwestern Hillsborough County. The Northwest Hillsborough Transit Study will identify the feasibility of transit options in the area that will make accessing all of the great restaurants, parks, and shopping in that part of the…


HARTPlus is going CNG

Starting this April, Hillsborough County residents can climb aboard and experience the newest HARTPlus paratransit van which is engineered with cleaner-burning and quieter Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) technology. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CNG-powered vans can produce approximately 25% fewer carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) than similar gasoline and diesel-powered vans. Also, Made-in-America…


Tampa man pushes independence for disabled people

Paul Guzzo | Tribune Staff | December 21, 2013 The first thing you notice about Arizona Jenkins is the wheelchair. He has used one since childhood because of the cerebral palsy that paralyzes the left side of his body. The next thing you notice is the grin – so earnest, so toothy, so ever-present it…


Sunshine Line named best transportation coordinator

Hillsborough County’s Sunshine Line was recognized by the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged as Florida’s  Urban Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) of the Year earlier this month. The Sunshine Line is the door-to-door para-transit service operated by the Board of County Commissioners. The Commission designates a CTC for each county in Florida.  CTCs are responsible for…

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